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Army of Saints, Inc. is a non-religious, non-political 501(c)(3) nonprofit of dedicated educators and youth mentors with goals of eliminating drugs, violence, bullying, drop-outs and lack of job-core skills in schools everywhere. We do this by emailing our FREE in-school teacher-made complete PDF teaching curriculums used during class-time by your own teacher, with a complete comprehensive curriculum for Physical Education and Health class for middle and high schools including all teacher and student material inside (and great supplemental material for the other classes).  Our curriculums are very unique with powerful anti-drug anti-violence content that was helped created by youth using handouts, real-life discussion material and exercises they found most interesting and showed quantitative proof of no substance abuse or violence in 4 out of 5 students meeting 2-3X a week during a 12 week school term.  Our Phys. Ed. curriculum is especially unique with strength, cardio and non-contact self-defense built into gym classes. Our Physical Education and Health class curriculum material meets US state and federal objective criteria and guidelines and during a regular 10-14 week school term and engineered around learning concepts of Social Cognitive Theory and Health Belief Model, and while these classes are not officially measured by the government as other classes are, we believe they are precious blocks of time to address these serious issues and can reach all the youth.

We are incredibly unique with no funding, not using any tax dollars and are one of the few groups that gave thousands of volunteer hours engineering and updating these curriculums to end violence, bullying and substance abuse while developing workforce skills empowering youth to set them on a path for success after secondary school.   Teachers become excellent mentors using our how-to-be-a-mentor strategy explained along the way.  We are in fact international with similar efforts in developing countries, check out www.communicationplatform.org 

If even your school/youth site has these kinds of programs in place; an honest question to ask is “Is there still a drug or violence problem here?”  The honest answer is probably yes, so please use our free curriculums and have your Phys. Ed, health, or academic teacher become a real mentor and really change the lives of students.  You can and should reuse our curriculum every year for one school term / semester.

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We give our curriculum away 100% for free and by having teachers use our incredible curriculums in school for free, we found a way to spread rapidly across the US in both public and private schools that want to increase job-core skills, life skills, work readiness, enhance tolerance of other cultures and especially eliminate violence and substance abuse among their students.  Sounds too good to be true? It’s not and we have the results to prove it.  We offer several programs to schools (and youth groups) below and all you need to do is contact us at armyofsaints@gmail.com stating who you are, the country, state and city of your school (or youth group) and which curriculum you want.  The reason we want to make contact first is to measure where we are spreading and which individual instructors to follow up with.

For public schools, How parents, students and teachers can act:  Email our “Introduction Flyer” (linked to document “TO EVERYONE – Army of Saints Core Program Offerings”)  your principal of your school (or handout a hardcopy to him/her) and also email your superintendent or curriculum director a copy too (if you’re not sure if there’s a curriculum director of your school district just email the superintendent).  The emails are easily found on your school’s website.  But don’t stop there – call them a week later and follow up to see if they got it and will have the Health or Phys. Ed. teacher use it!  The more requests they get, the faster they will allow it in and acknowledge some form of either bullying, substance abuse or lack of workforce skills is a problem in their school like any other!
*For private or charter schools just go directly to the principal because they can always make the decision

How principals, district curriculum directors and Superintendents can act:  Simply allow this into your schools recognizing this is risk-free! It’s free, and for the Health and Physical Education curriculums, is evidence-based with qualitative and quantitative self-measurements meeting the guidelines and criteria expected. Besides, after your teachers using it for one school term, if they don’t get the amazing results we’ve had elsewhere, just have them go back to using their old curriculums! 

All we ask teachers using our free curriculums is to send back the pre-made quantitative data fill-out sheets included in your free curriculum; you will fill these out at the end of the 12 week curriculums showing the anonymous youth results you got so we know our curriculum is working.  What’s the point of having our anti-drug anti-violence programs spread to Russia, Cambodia, Somalia or Los Angeles, USA if kids are still in the mindset of using drugs or being violent after?  Go to “Core Offerings” link at top of page and email us for:

1) Martial Arts & Career Readiness
àa complete school term series of gym classes building in job-core done during Physical education classes

2) Public Health & Wellness
àa complete school term series of classes done during Health class

3) Business and Marketing
àa supplemental series done during math & economics & government classes

4) International Scholars
àa supplemental series done during social studies & geography classes

5) School Spirit & Pride Competition
àthis is not a curriculum of classes but rather a 6-12 week long school competition not using daily class time; it is presented by faculty and student council take over; each grade competes against the other

6) Parenting Class
àgeared towards directors of any parent groups for parents seeking guidance on how to be better mothers or fathers; many community-parent groups, YMCAs and state social service agencies have used our free parenting curriculum

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